Where do you learn how to love and obey God?


In the Bible alone.

In question 2, we learned that human beings were made to give glory to God. Our mission is to make our Creator look great and awesome! And how do we accomplish that goal? Question 3 gave us the answer: by loving God and doing what he commands. So now you can see why we would want to know the answer to question 10: “Where do we learn how to love and obey God?”

We exist to give God glory. We give him glory by loving him and obeying him. But how exactly do we do that? Where can we go to learn how to glorify God? Is there some sort of instruction manual that teaches us how to do the thing he made us to do? According to the answer to question 10, there is! Our instruction manual is the Bible... and the Bible alone!

The answer to this question might seem confusing. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Really? In the Bible alone? That’s it? There are tons of places for us to learn how to love and obey God! What about my teacher at church? Or my mom or dad? What about all these Bible questions and answers I’m learning about in this book? Can’t they teach me about God, too?” Why would someone say that the Bible alone is the place to learn how to love and obey God?

2 Timothy 3:16 can help clear up this confusion. It says, “All Scripture is God-breathed...” Scripture means “writings,” specifically the words written on the pages of our Bibles. This verse tells us that every bit of Scripture is “God-breathed.” When we read our Bibles, we are reading God's own words to us. We are hearing the thoughts and desires and commands of our Creator!

The God-breathed words we read in our Bibles reflect the God who gave them to us. God is perfect, so the Bible is perfect, too. God cannot lie or change his mind, so our Bibles are filled with nothing but the unchangeable truths of our unchanging God.

Is your teacher at church perfect? Of course not. What about your mom or dad? They make mistakes – in fact, we all do! And nobody knows everything (except God, of course)! If you’re looking for a perfect, mistake-free, unchanging source to learn about God and his commands, there’s only one place to go: the perfect pages of our God-breathed Bibles!

Does that mean we don’t need to listen to our church leaders or parents when they teach us about God? Should you put this book down right now and only read your Bible? No way – that would be a terrible idea! Teachers and parents and books like this are a gift from God and a great way to learn about him. They aren’t perfect. But they can help you understand the perfect words of our perfect God found in our God-breathed Bibles. Anybody who wants you to learn how to love and obey God will point you to the Scriptures!


+ If all of Scripture is God-breathed, what does that tell us about each of the 66 books in our Bibles?

+ Who are some people in your life who have taught you the Bible?


Job 11:7; Ps. 119:104; Is. 8:20; Matt. 22:29; 2 Tim. 3:15-17

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