Five minute studies and discussion guides to talk your family through 79 of the Bible's biggest questions.


All of the big stories of the Bible, broken down into kid-friendly bite-sized chunks, perfectly-sized for your phone!


Free-to-Use lessons for your church, including the Pre-K and Elementary curriculums I'm writing for my church.

Snackable Theology


The Bible's Biggest Truths in Bite-Sized Chunks


Theology is the most important “ology” you will ever study. Theology is God-ology – the study of God! Knowing biology can help you figure out where your spleen is. Studying meteorology can help you know if it will rain next Tuesday. But theology? It can show you the way to forever life!

Questions and Answers

The goal of theology is to understand what our great big Bibles tell us about our great big God. It’s a topic that’s impossible to consume in a single bite. That’s why this book breaks theology down into bite-sized, snackable chunks! Featuring 79 of the biggest questions about the Bible, Snackable Theology is a great start to your God-ology journey, one that you’ll be on for the rest of your life!


Snackable Studies thru the Bible, designed for beginners!

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From Creation through the Life of Jacob


From Joseph through the Exodus

Old Testament Pt. 3

From the Promised Land to the Kingdom


From the Temple through the Exile


From the Manger through the Life of Jesus

NEW Testament Pt. 2

From the Cross to the Second Coming

Learn How to Feed Your Soul

 Jesus once said, "People don't live on food alone, but on the Word of God." By munching on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we feed our bodies. And by feasting on God's Word, we feed our souls! The Bible is a humongous book made up of 66 smaller books, and every single one is part of a great big message from the God of the Universe. It can be really difficult to know...

Where Do I Even Begin?!?

That's where this book comes in. It's a step-by-step, 44-week-long guide thru the New Testament. Each day, it'll give you a bit of God's Word to munch on. Since the Bible can sometimes leave you scratching your head (even Saint Peter thought so!), there's a short explanation to go with each and every Bible section to keep you from getting confused. And to help you chew on your daily soul food, there's space every day for you to answer questions and write down your thoughts.

Prayer Journal (Print Version Only)

Through the pages of the Bible, God speaks to us. When we pray, we get to speak with Him! With this book, you get more than just a Bible study guide. You get a prayer journal, too. Each day, you'll have a chance to write your own prayers to God, following the steps of a special prayer that Jesus himself taught us to pray!

Scripture Memory Guide (Digital Version Only)

God wants us to hide his words in our hearts, memorizing them in our minds. This is an important weapon in our battle against sin and the devil. In fact, it's what Jesus himself did! Each week, you'll work on learning a new Bible verse by heart. Each day, you'll be challenged to learn a little bit more of the verse. Some days, there will be missing words. Other days, part of the verse will be replaced by emojis! But after a week's practice, you should be able to say the whole verse without even looking!


If you'd like to see a sample of a week's worth of eating your Bible, you can check out a sample chapter. In this PDF, you'll learn about the format of the book, be able to read the entire first week of Bible study, and see what the daily prayer journal looks like.

Samples of the digital version can be downloaded through the Amazon Kindle store.


All 123 Bite by Bite devotionals are also available as downloadable PDFs, completely free! Feel free to use them at home or in your church's children's ministry. The files have been formatted to be printed back-to-back, then folded in half like a book.

Along with the devotionals, you'll find a printable prayer guide. This PDF file of daily fill-in-the-blank prayers can be used in tandem with the devotionals to guide you through the Lord's Prayer each day.